Re-certification of Class A and B Volunteers

Class A and B Volunteers' certification expires three (3) years from the date of his/her background check.

Steps to become re-certified

Volunteers ages 16 and older

1. Class A and Class B volunteers ages 16 and older must log in to the website and submit a new online volunteer application.

Note volunteers ages 17 and younger: Occasionally when we run a background check on someone 17 years of age and younger we get a "blank" because that person has not lived "on their own" long enough. Because of this, volunteer applicants 17 years of age and younger MUST complete these two (2) reference letters. The reference letters can NOT be completed by a parent or relative. Please fax the reference letters to 302-831-3483 or scan and email to

2. Class A Volunteers ages 18 and older ONLY must also re-take the Protective Behaviors online training.

3. The Special Olympics office will complete a background check.


Volunteers ages 15 and younger

1. Please complete the Youth Volunteer Application. If you are unable to complete online, please print, fill out and fax (302-831-3483) or scan and email (


For more information contact Carly Thompson at 302-831-3479 or