Protective Behaviors Training

Special Olympics Inc. developed the Protective Behaviors Training as a tool to assist with protecting Special Olympics athletes from abuse.

While the Protective Behaviors training is only required for Class A Volunteers and staff, for the safety and health of our athletes and everyone involved with Special Olympics Delaware, we encourage anyone interested in taking the training to do so: families, athletes, day-of volunteers, etc.

It requires a team effort of everyone involved in our organization to help keep our athletes safe from abuse. Special Olympics Delaware keeps a record of everyone who takes the training.

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NOTE: To successfully complete the online application and the Protective Behaviors training you must have JavaScript enabled on your computer. Most computers have this and it is enabled. Below are enabling instructions for the three most popular browsers.

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Note: With respect to athletes taking the Protective Behaviors training: It is the sole discretion of the athlete or his/her parent or guardian whether or not to take this training. The subject of the training is sensitive and athletes may need assistance from a parent or guardian in order to fully understand the content so that they can then be active participants in their own protection and well-being.

We also recommend that all parents and caregivers read the "Special Olympics Protective Behaviors Program Guide for Parents and Care Providers." This brochure provides information on what Special Olympics is already doing to protect its athletes and how you, as a parent or caregiver can support our efforts by understanding your role in protecting your athlete(s). To receive a copy contact the office at or 302-831-4653.