USA Games - Seattle 2018


Head of Delegation: Carly Thompson

Asst. Head of Delegation: Mark Wise

Asst. Head of Delegation: Mary Moore

Law Enforcment Torch Run Final Leg: Sgt. Joelle Ryan, UD Police


Track & Field

Coach: Rob Bailey, Sussex Riptide

Antonio Bowe, Sussex Riptide

Christi Theron, Wilmington Wizards

Sasha Hudson, Sussex Riptide

Jillian Mathews, Kent Wild Kats



Coach: Michelle Goldstein, Wilmington Wizards

Torie Moore, Newark Dragons

Eric DiSabatino, Newark Dragons

Ginger Shaud, Sussex Riptide

Tyler Kennedy, Wilmington Wizards

Scott Rohrbach, Wilmington Wizards



Coach: Bonnie Smith, Newark Dragons

Crystal Ho, MOT Tigers

Justin Bates, MOT Tigers

Sara Giles, Wilmington Wizards

Zachary Martin, Newark Dragons



Coach: Joe Wood, Kent Wild Kats

Gene Giuliani, Newark Dragons

Reggie Miller, Sussex Riptide

Laura Kelly, Newark Dragons

Nicole Rudolph, MOT Tigers



Coach: Theresa Moore, Newark Dragons

Malik Bradford, Newark Dragons

Erin Bailey, Wilmington Wizards



Coach: Eric Neil, Wilmington Wizards

Anthony Borreggine, Wilmington Wizards


About the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games

Every four years, the USA Games provide an opportunity for athletes to compete at the national level in summer sports. The 2018 USA Games will be held in Seattle, Washington. Athletes that are selected will be members of TEAM DELAWARE.

• The Special Olympics USA Games is a premier, national sports competition that showcases the power and joy of sports at the highest levels.
  - The USA Games take place every four years.
  - Previous host cities were Ames, Iowa (2006); Lincoln, Nebraska (2010); and Lawrenceville, New Jersey (2014).

• Now in its fourth running, the next Special Olympics USA Games will take place in Seattle in July 2018. From July 1-6, 2018 more than 4,000 athletes and coaches from all 50 states and the District of Columbia will descend upon Seattle and the surrounding region.
  - 14 sports will be offered including swimming, flag football and soccer.
  - 10,000 volunteers will be recruited to support the Games.
  - 10,000 family members and friends and 70,000 spectators are expected to attend.
  - Venues include the University of Washington, King County Aquatic Center, Seattle University and Celebration Park.
  - The Special Olympics USA Games will be the biggest sporting event to hit the Seattle area in more than 25 years.

• In addition to showcasing the awe-inspiring abilities of thousands of athletes with intellectual disabilities, the 2018 USA Games in Seattle will model the ideals of inclusion and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Special Olympics movement.
  - The 2018 USA Games will serve as a catalyst for the City of Inclusion initiative and will showcase the work Seattle area businesses and organizations are doing to create a community where people with intellectual disabilities are meaningfully and fully welcome and valued.