Track & Field

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Track & Field is one of the original Special Olympics sports and is the most popular worldwide (1.9 million people participating). In Delaware, athletes train during the spring months prior to the track & field event at Summer Games. Events are offered for every ability level.



Qualifying Track & Field Meet: Saturday, May 11, 2019, at Caesar Rodney High School 

Track and field State Meet: June 14-15, 2019, at  Summer Games at the University of Delaware



  • 10-meter assisted walk
  • 15-meter walk
  • 15-meter walker
  • 25-meter dash
  • 25-meter walker
  • 25-meter assisted walk
  • 25-meter walker
  • 30-meter wheelchair slalom
  • 50-meter dash
  • 25-meter wheelchair race
  • 50-meter walk
  • 50-meter wheelchair slalom
  • 100-meter run
  • 100-meter walk
  • 100-meter wheelchair race
  • 200-meter run
  • 200-meter walk
  • 200-meter wheelchair race
  • 400-meter run
  • 400-meter walk
  • 800-meter run
  • 1500-meter run
  • 3000-meter run
  • 4x100 meter relay (traditional and Unified)
  • 4x400 meter relay (traditional and Unified)
  • Men's shot put (4kg/8.13 lbs.)
  • Women's shot put (2.72 kg/6 lbs.)
  • Men's shot put for 8-11 yrs old (2.72 kg/6lbs.)
  • Women's shot put for 8-11 yrs old (1.81 kg/4 lbs.)
  • Men's wheelchair shot put (1.81 kg/4 lbs.)
  • wheelchair slalom Women's wheelchair shot put (1.81
  • kg/4 lbs.)
  • softball throw
  • ball throw for distance (tennis ball)
  • running long jump
  • standing long jump