Swimming is one of the original Special Olympics sports and has been included in the Special Olympics World Games since 1968. More than 270,000 athletes participate in swimming worldwide. In Delaware, swimming is a spring sport contested at the Summer Games. Individual and relay events are offered for all strokes. Because it is easy to learn, aquatics is an appropriate sport for athletes of all ages and ability levels.





The state swimming event takes place as part of Summer Games at the UD Outdoor Pool.

Midseason swim meets:

April 21, 1 - 5 p.m. at the UD Carpenter Sports Building

April 22, 1 - 5 p.m. at the Dover YMCA

April 29, 1 - 5 p.m. at the Rehoboth Beach YMCA



Special Olympics Delaware offers the following swimming events:

  • 10-meter flotation
  • 10-meter assisted swim
  • 10-meter unassisted swim
  • 15-meter backstroke flotation
  • 15-meter backstroke assisted
  • 15-meter assisted swim
  • 15-meter unassisted swim
  • 15-meter walk
  • 25-meter backstroke
  • 25-meter backstroke flotation
  • 25-meter backstroke assisted
  • 25-meter breast stroke
  • 25-meter butterfly
  • 25-meter flotation
  • 25-meter freestyle
  • 50-meter backstroke
  • 50-meter freestyle
  • 50-meter breast stroke
  • 50-meter butterfly
  • 100-meter freestyle
  • 100-meter butterfly
  • 100-meter backstroke
  • 100-meter breast stroke
  • 100-meter individual medley
  • 200-meter backstroke
  • 200-meter breast stroke
  • 200-meter freestyle
  • 400-meter freestyle
  • 800-meter freestyle
  • 4x25 freestyle relay
  • 4x25 freestyle unified event
  • 4x25 medley relay
  • 4x25 unified medley relay
  • 4x50 freestyle relay
  • 4x50 freestyle unified event
  • 4x50 medley relay
  • 4x50 unified medley relay