Hall of Fame

The Special Olympics Delaware Hall of Fame is comprised of athletes and volunteers who have made a significant impact on the organization over an extended period of time.

Members are inducted at the annual Night of Heroes and become a permanent part of the legacy of the organization.

Jonathan Stoklosa is this year's inductee into the SODE Hall of Fame. 


SODE Hall of Fame

Jonathan Stoklosa (2018)

Dave Manwiller (2017)

Rob South (2016)

Phil Saxon (2015)

Marie McIntosh (2014)

Melvin and Claudia Brown (2012)

Greg Nolt (2011)

Mary Lowenstein-Anderson (2002)

Carol Bak (1997)

Linda Bak (2004)

Stan Bak (2004)

Don Bergner (2000)

Ed Capodanno (2009)

Joanne Cunningham (2009)

Keith Handling (1997)

Madelyn Johnston (2001)

Mark Jones (2002)

Renee Baldwin Kalokitis (1999)

Len Leshem (2005)

Irv Levin (2006)

Phyllis Levin (2006)

Robert Marvel (2000)

John Miller (2001)

Mary Moore (1998)

Connie Poultney (1999)

Barbara Spence (inaugural member, 1996)

William "Winnie" Spence (inaugural member, 1996)

Mary Ward-Hutchison (1998)