Delaware LESO State Committee

Officers participate in the Opening Ceremonies of events large and small.

Officers participate in the Opening Ceremonies of events large and small.

The Delaware LESO State Committee was organized for the purpose of planning, promoting, and expanding LESO activities and initiatives throughout Delaware.


State Director: Greg Nolt, DGE *

LESO Chairperson: Chief RL Hughes, Georgetown PD (2018)*

LESO Vice Chairperson: Col. Vaughn Bond, New Castle County*

LESO Counsel - John Miller, DSP and DOJ, Retired *

SODE Staff: Ann Grunert, Corinne Plummer, Lisa Smith *

Assistant State Director: Pete Sawyer, DSP *

Fundraising Events Chairperson: Dan Hall, DSP *

          New Castle County: Amy Haywood, DOC (Events); Rich Perillo, New Castle City PD (Ads)

          Kent County: Gary Fournier, DSP (Events); Danielle Martin, DSP (Ads)

          Sussex County: Kris Thompson, DSP * (Events); Jenn Riley, DSP (Ads)

Logistics Chairperson: Jason Stegvenson, DSP *

          DelDOT: Jerry Nagyiski/Mike Rivera

          Flame of Hope: Chris Blanco

          RV Support: TBD (Parkview RV)

          Leg Coordinators

               New Castle County: Joelle Ryan, UD PD; Tom Anastasia, IRS; Jaime Dolan/Angie Dolan, NCC PD; Joe Miller, Wilmington PD

               Kent County: Danielle Martin, DSP; Lance Skinner, DSP

               Sussex County: Andrew Manning, DNREC; Juanita Huey-Smith, DSP; Jaime Riddle, Rehoboth Beach PD; Barry Wheatley, Millsboro PD

Public Relations Chairperson: Wayne Kline, DNREC *

          Special Events: TBD

          DPCC Liaison: Pat Ogden, UD PD

          PIOs: TBD

          Social Media: TBD

          SODE Website: Jon Buzby

Volunteers Chairperson: Glenn Dixon, DSP *

          Summer Games Liaison: Jim Diana, DATE

*Member serves on Executive Committee