Spread the Word to End the Word - March 6, 2019




Spread the Word to End the Word (STWTETW) is an annual campaign spearheaded by Special Olympics to recognize that our choice of language frames how we treat others. In 2018 in Delaware, 135 schools participated in some type of activity. 

The event can occur at any time throughout the month of March and beyond, so schools can fit in their campaign on a day that is most convenient for their schedule. Schools have made the day meaningful, inclusive and engaging for their entire school community through several different ways (assemblies, pep rallies, fundraisers, student activities, etc. combined with a Pledge Respect banner signing.)  

For classroom activities to use before, during or after the campaign, view the Get Into It Programming from Special Olympics. This is an interactive, age-appropriate service-learning curriculum designed to advance students' civic knowledge and skill development, promote acceptance and understanding of people's differences and to motivate them to become advocates for and together with all people.



  • Banner signing at the lunchroom or school hallways are a great way to re-engage students to take the Pledge for Respect. 
  • Organize an activity and Play Unified! Students with and without disabilities can participate together in Unified Sports recreation activities that encourage fitness, friendship and fun. 
  • Host a pep rally at your school before a tournament or a sports event at your school. Raise awareness during that event about the importance of compassion, respect and inclusion. 
  • Decorate your door with inspirational messages that remind all students how words matter. 
  • For younger grades: Send home "Pledge Respect" cards or cutouts with your students so that their families can also sign their name and take the pledge. Line the hallways with the cards (or cutouts).
For more information, ideas and available resources, email kfrazer@udel.edu.