Over the Edge


Over the Edge is a unique fundraising event -- and the only one of its kind in Delaware -- allowing colleagues or friends the opportunity to raise money and "send" yourself or a friend, or a boss or colleague, rappelling 17 stories (222 feet) "Over the Edge" of a building to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics Delaware.

For the fourth straight year, we are streaming the event live on the Internet so anyone anywhere in the world can watch YOU Go Over the Edge.


Date, time and location

Thursday, May 10, 2018.

The first edger usually "goes over" at 9 a.m. and then it's a constant flow of participants until approximately 5 p.m. 

300 Delaware Avenue Building in Wilmington


Information about the event 

Each participant registers with a $50 deposit to reserve a spot and then raises a total of $1,100 for the opportunity to rappel 17 stories (222 feet) down the 300 Delaware Avenue Building in Wilmington.

Curious what it's like? Check out this video or any of the online segments that were streamed live.

Visit the Over the Edge website for more information about the company that runs this event throughout North America.

TD BankBrandywine Realty Trust and New Castle County Volunteer's Fire Service


Everything an Edger needs to know

What to expect!

Frequently asked questions

Fundraising toolkit

Fundraising incentives

Donor receipt information

Pledge tracking sheet (if you care to use one)

Map to parking


Edger updates

Registered edgers as of April 9

Edger Update #3 - April 9

Edger Update #2 - March 20

Edger Update #1 - March 1


History of the event

The 2017 event included 86 edgers raising more than $138,000, bringing the six-year total to 528 edgers raising $896,000 raised for Special Olympics Delaware.

For more information contact Lisa Smith at 302-831-3482 or lismith@udel.edu.


Over the Edge 2017

Photo Galleries and the Livestream footage are open! Click on the links below.

To download free photos:

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2) Under the selected photo, click on the small arrow pointing down, underneath the large photo.

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Click on the links below for Livestream footage:

Part 1: (Edgers in this part include: Vincent Bowers, Kylie Lavelle, Ruth Lavelle, Marie McIntosh, Tony Gough, Lori Ableman, Jennifer Lecomte, Jim Diana and Danny Hall)

Part 2: (Edgers in this part include: Matthew Marsh, Leo Sticinski, Vimbai Jhamba, Ron Marvel, Tara Schleif, Kelly Burns, Toni Nash, Carol Percy, Stacey Cohee, Wendy Hudson, Louise Doe, Bruce Showalter, Shelley Tracey, Lauren Christ, Annemarie Harrison, Gale Ziegler, Erin Schieffer, Annette Messina, Dennis Miller and Valerie Dodson)

Part 3: (Edgers in this part include: Amanda Ackerman, Lynne Alfosni, Karen Grandell, Kim Kanick, Shaun Malone, Mary Ann Evans, John Woodard, Allie Woodard, Anthony Borreggine, Nicole Biles, Kim Bates, Patty Swan, Morgan Callahan, Patrick Malloy, Mark Austin, Nancy Gallagher, Brian Ray, Diane Salvatore, Scott Rickards, Kimberely Grebe, Ted Reiver, Tami Wilson and Raymond Cool)

Part 4: (Edgers in this part include: Melissa Renzi, Lynnete Mullnack, Cindy Carney, Heather DiRubbio, Maddie Berkey, Sydney Berkey, Anthony Bernadzikowski, Richard Perillo, Richard Perillo Sr., Richard Malin, Michael McFadden, Roxanne Gadaingan, Riz Gadaingan, Kyle Figgs, Hank Tomczyk, Rob Garvey, Anthony Cafaro, Jim Long, Christine Cerminaro, Joe Hayes, Jackson Rosembert, Joe Hayes, Kassie Neumann, Steve Cason)

Presenting Sponsors: TD BankBrandywine Realty Trust and New Castle County Volunteer's Fire Service

Supporting sponsors: Delaware Law Enforcement for Special Olympics, Delmarva Broadcasting Company and Delaware Rock Gym.

Social Media: #OverTheEdgeDE