Forms and Resources

Athlete medical form - needs to be updated every 3 years

Young Athletes (ages 7 and younger) form for athletes and Unified partners (printable)

Unified partner form for ages 16 and over (online)

Unified partner form for ages 8 - 15 (printable)

Letter of reference form (Unified partners and Volunteers ages 16 and 17)

Athlete medical form Spanish - New spring 2018 (printable) - needs to be updated every 3 years

Athlete release form in Spanish - must be included with medical form to register

Atlanto-Axial release form

Emergency care refusal form

Athlete participation policies

Code of Conduct for all participants

Additional Forms and Resources - (i.e. Incident report, Player contact information, Practice attendance, Uniform inventory)

If the form you are looking for is not listed here, it might be located in a different area of the website. If you are not able to locate it please contact the office at or 302-831-4653.


Print Materials Archive 

Click above link for Special Olympics Delaware Sidelines Newsletter and Year-in-Review archives, fact sheets and brochures. 

SODE Branding Information and Logo Usage guidelines 

Any use of the Special Olympics Delaware (SODE) logo or any SODE-related event logo (i.e. Polar Bear Plunge, Over the Edge, etc.) is not permitted without prior authorization by Special Olympics Delaware. Official usage of the SODE logo or any SODE-related event logo by a sponsor or partner must be approved in writing by SODE. Unauthorized use by third parties of any SODE logo or SODE-related event logo is strictly prohibited. Please click on the link above to learn more about Special Olympics brand identity policies. For more information, please contact