Athletes, Unified Partners and Families

More than 4,000 athletes, Unified partners and their families make up the foundation of Special Olympics Delaware. The organization provides families the opportunity to spend time together, learn from one another, and most importantly, feel accepted and respected.

If you are currently on a school team and would like to explore more opportunities in our Area programs, download our Transition brochure.

There is no question that the best way for an athlete to get the most out of his or her involvement in SODE is for the family to be involved. From supporting the team throughout the season to being a volunteer or a Unified Partner to participating in our fundraisers to joining us at our many special events, there are plenty of opportunities for families to share in the accomplishment of their children.

Families are encouraged to get involved in Special Olympics ... choose your level of involvement and be engaged, be inspired and be a part of Special Olympics!

DOWNLOAD the Family and Sports Information brochure

DOWNLOAD the Volunteer Information brochure