Sasha Hudson’s radio dream comes true

posted Tue, Jan 7, 2014 by Jon Buzby

Sasha Hudson delivers the sports report live on Delaware 105.9 News Talk radio.
Sasha Hudson delivers the sports report live on Delaware 105.9 News Talk radio.

For as long as he can remember, Sasha Hudson has wanted to be a radio sports reporter.

“I listen to 105.9 News Talk every morning,” Hudson said. “I want to be Schofield on Sports.”

On Tuesday morning, the 19-year-old's dream came true when he got to be Schofield for a day.

The idea originated in October when Hudson presented SODE year-round partner Delmarva Broadcasting Company (DBC) with the Outstanding Media award at the organization’s annual Night of Heroes. During his presentation, Hudson talked about his dream of one day doing a sports report on radio. DBC southern operations director Steve Monz was so impressed with Hudson, he promised to make it happen.

“Sasha's personality lit up the room at the Night of Heroes,” Monz said. “We knew he would be great on the radio. He's a passionate young man with many hopes and aspirations. It will be wonderful to watch him achieve his goals!”

Hudson arrived wide awake early Tuesday morning at the DBC studios in Milford, having risen well before his alarm.

“He was so excited that he woke up at 3:30, got up and got all dressed up,” said his mother, Donnel Bailey. “He couldn’t wait to get here.”

Decked out in a sweater vest and tie, Hudson started his day as a guest on two other morning shows, first going on the air with Dana McDonald on Cool 101.3 and then appearing on Eagle 97.7 with Petch and Paula as all three radio personalities talked about the upcoming Polar Bear Plunge. Hudson excitedly talked about his life in Special Olympics as a member of the Sussex Riptide and how important the money raised at the Plunge is for the athletes who train and compete throughout the First State. And on both shows, he was asked if he did the plunge.   

“Nooooooooooo way,” he bellowed into the microphone. “But I do volunteer at the registration table.”

Having warmed up to the microphone, it was now “show time” on Delaware 105.9 FM.

Hudson’s eyes lit up when Gary Schofield himself appeared from around the corner and shook Sasha’s hands.

“You are Schofield on Sports?” Hudson repeated in awe.

Schofield showed Hudson the sports report on the computer, asked him if he was ready, and the two followed host Dan Gaffney back to the studio.

“I was nervous at first since he didn’t have much time to rehearse the sports report itself,” said Brenda Zullo, SODE director of athlete development, who worked with Hudson leading up to the big day. “But clearly I had no reason to be.”

Hudson calmly sat down at the microphone, scanned the sports report placed in front of him, and when Gaffney gave him the signal, not only delivered the news like a veteran, but provided his own introduction and a seamless, unrehearsed, transition back to morning news anchor Kelli Steele for the weather.

“He was great,” Schofield commented. “And it’s great for people to hear how these athletes have other talents besides sports.”

It was an experience Hudson won’t soon forget.

“I was super excited to meet everyone and hope maybe someday I can come back and do more news stories,” he said beaming.

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